Investors Profiting From Tactical Portfolios

Because of Chapoquoit’s objectives of equity-like returns and bond-like risk, minimizing downside risk, and quantitative rules-based investment process, the interest in the Chapoquoit approach comes from a broad range of clients. The three Chapoquoit portfolio offerings – Aggressive, Moderate, and Conservative can satisfy many different client risk requirements:

Individual and High-Net Worth Clients

Can select their desired risk exposure either as a core portfolio holding or modify their existing portfolio’s risk profile by adding Chapoquoit as a sleeve to their existing portfolio holdings.

Retirement funds, i.e. IRAs, etc. (qualified accounts)

Are especially great beneficiaries of the Chapoquoit approach because of the need to customize their risk of exposure to market dislocations. Managing sequence of returns, most especially negative returns and drawdowns, becomes crucial in a client’s retirement years.

Wealth Managers

Are able to focus more on their core competencies. Wealth Managers can outsource some or all their investment management activities by accessing Chapoquoit Dynamic Portfolios as separately managed accounts with the Chapoquoit managers, through their custodians, through Turnkey Asset Management Programs (TAMPS), or through the Schwab or Fidelity Networks.

Institutional Investors

Broker dealers, TAMPS, or Mutual Funds without a dynamic investment management approach or who wish to add a non-correlated dynamic process can partner with Chapoquoit Dynamic Portfolios. This would allow them to offer the Chapoquoit strategy to clients as a sub-advised fund or as a white labeled product.

Cash Balance Plans

A number of Institutional clients are employing the Chapoquoit Conservative Portfolio as the investment for their Cash Balance Plans.

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