Richard E. Oberuc

Richard E. Oberuc

Investment Advisor Representative

Richard joined First National Corporation in 2008 as an Investment Advisor Representative. He is responsible for the development of the investment techniques employed by Chapoquoit Separately Managed Accounts. He devised the Dynamic Asset Allocation methodology used by the Chapoquoit models in order to extend the concepts behind Modern Portfolio Theory.

Richard spent the previous 20 years developing investment models and asset allocation software for the financial community. As president and owner of Burlington Hall Asset Management, Inc., a software development company, he designed and oversaw the programming and sales of two asset allocation software packages. These packages are used by investment professions to create optimized portfolios of mutual funds, hedge funds ETFs and commodity trading advisors. 

In previous endeavors, Richard has operated as a Commodity Trading Advisor at Burlington Hall Asset Management, a Commodity Research Director for M&M/Mars and an Operations Research Director for Uncle Ben’s Rice. He also worked at NASA in Houston developing flight simulators for McDonnell Douglas and TRW Systems.

Richard holds an MS in Operations Research from the University of Houston and a BS in Physics from Loyola University in Chicago. From 1995-2007, he was Chairman of the Foundation of Managed Derivatives Research, a charitable foundation that provided grants to financial academics to do research on managed derivatives products such as hedge funds. Richard is also an active member of the Financial Planning Association.